Our values

Towards a dynamic and committed CSR and environmental approach

" We have a keen sense of responsibility towards future generations by offering them products that are both well-designed and with undeniable environmental performance."
                                                                                                      Eric Joan - CEO Hamelinbrands
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In 2020, Unilux, a business unit of the Hamelin group, specialist in light and ergonomics at work, acquired Dayvia, a leading company in the field of light therapy. Quite naturally, all the societal and environmental principles already applied within the Hamelin group are transposed there.

Innovation & Security

Our desire for permanent innovation is inspired by a "design thinking" approach, the monitoring of the progress and conclusions of the various clinical studies carried out on light therapy as well as the adaptation of the products to the modern lifestyles of consumers. Based on these parameters, our teams imagine, design and test the products of tomorrow to meet everyone's needs and improve their daily well-being.

Dayvia light therapy lamps are classified as Class IIA "Medical Devices". As such, they are subject to numerous regulatory obligations that ensure reliability, safety and efficiency for consumers.

Each year, the Dayvia company is subject to a control audit by an independent body. The result of this determines the retention of CE Medical Device approval.

French Manufacturing and Traceability

Dayvia designs and produces all of its light therapy lamps in France. Located near Angers, the Dayvia factory provides consumers with complete product traceability. In regulatory terms, this traceability of medical devices is essential to ensure consumer safety.

Social and Environmental Commitment

The brand is part of a sustainable and responsible approach by respecting an ethical charter made up of 10 strong commitments articulated around themes such as, for example, energy savings, whether internally or thanks to the performance of our products, the reduction of our environmental footprint over the entire product cycle with a constant search for ecological improvement, resource management by favoring recycled materials or wood from sustainably managed forests, benevolence, tolerance, professional equality and the fight against discrimination.

The DAYVIA brand places people at the heart of its business. More than products, it provides solutions imagined and designed to improve the well-being and health of all on a daily basis.

This is why DAYVIA has also chosen to make a commitment at the social level, by establishing a partnership with an ADAPEI (Departmental Association of Friends and Parents of Disabled Children) and integrates adapted positions within its production unit.

At your service

This value is expressed above all through relations with our distributors and users, but also vis-à-vis the brand, the team and its partners. Dayvia remains attentive to constantly create new products and best support its customers in their quest for well-being.