Choosing the right lamp - CE Medical

To choose the right light therapy lamp , it is essential to follow certain principles and in particular to ensure that it has all the standards and certifications required for optimal reliability, efficiency and safety.

The word "light therapy" is framed by the European directive 93/42 EEC on medical devices.

A light therapy lamp is therefore considered, according to this directive, as an active therapeutic device intended to act on the internal biological clock of the person using it: it is therefore a class I device.

It makes it possible to fight effectively against the winter blues, seasonal depression or any other kind of desynchronization of the biological clock (jet lag, night work, sleep disorders, etc.).

A good light therapy lamp must therefore have certain standards and certifications:

Medical Device CE Standard

The CE Medical Device standard ensures that the manufacturer's products meet all the prerequisites necessary to be able to enter the class of medical devices having a real effect on the body.

This CE Medical Device approval is awarded by an independent organization which reviews, tests and validates all the characteristics of the products submitted to it.


Be careful, it is very common to see many irregularities, especially on the internet!

Despite the controls of the competent bodies in all European countries, there is still an offer of products on the internet that calls itself "light therapy lamp" without having authorization.

These lamps without medical approval can sometimes be very dangerous: UV emissions particularly harmful to the eye, flickering, insufficient power requiring the face to be positioned less than 10 cm from the lamp...

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Unfortunately the word "light therapy" is often misused, you can even find some bulbs on the internet that illegally use the term "light therapy bulb".

It should be noted that this marketing appropriation is completely abusive insofar as no international study has proven the slightest therapeutic benefit by using this type of ampoule, the prices of which are often very high.