DAYVIA, French leader in light therapy

The history of the DAYVIA brand

The story of DAYVIA is above all an incredible human adventure. This is the story of a family of 5 brothers and sisters who all share a common passion for light. They decide to unite and federate their common knowledge and talents around an entrepreneurial project on light.

In 2009, the adventure began with the creation of DAYVIA, a company specializing in the creation of light therapy lamps. The company then established itself in the north of France, in Lille.

From the start, the team surrounded itself with professionals and collaborated with doctors, researchers and designers to create the first medical light therapy lamp bearing the mention “Made in France”.

dayvia 072

Emphasis is then placed on the safety and performance of the products, which is why numerous tests are carried out in specialized laboratories to ensure that the products comply with all the applicable standards.

After an audit, carried out by a certified body, passed successfully, DAYVIA receives its authorization to market its very first French light therapy lamp certified CE medical.

The 1st series of lamps is based on fluorescent tube technology: the BLACK 072 and the White 072 and the ICE 160.

Innovation being at the heart of DAYVIA's DNA, then comes the new generation of lamps incorporating an equally efficient and much less energy-consuming LED technology.

Dayvia then released the SLIMSTYLE, current best seller. It is closely followed by the SUNDESK, hybrid lamp, light therapy and high-performance office lighting to adapt to new habits and in particular the trend of teleworking.

Then, to bring more flexibility in the practice of light therapy, DAYVIA launches the 1st pair of glasses allowing you to do your session in complete mobility: the SUNACTIV.

dayvia product range